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Candle Tips🕯️

To ensure optimal performance and a satisfying experience with our wood wick candles, it's important to provide a little attention before each burn.

Here are some tips for lighting safety and maintaining wood wicks:

Before you light that candle, remember: safety matters. 🔥 Keep them away from flammables, out of reach of kids and pets, and never leave them unattended. Enjoy the glow, but stay cautious. 🕯️✨


Initial Lighting: 

When lighting a wood wick for the first time, it may require a little patience. Tilt your candle slightly and light the wood wick at the base. If the flame extinguishes, repeat the process until the wick catches and a steady flame is established. 



Before each burn, ensure that the wood wick is trimmed to an appropriate length, typically around 3mm. This helps to maintain a controlled burn and prevents excessive flickering or smoking.


Removing Ash

If a significant amount of ash accumulates on the wood wick after burning, gently break off the burnt portion using a clean tissue or cloth. Removing the ash helps to maintain a clean burn and ensures a consistent flame.


Patience and Observation

Wood wicks may have a slightly longer ignition time compared to traditional cotton wicks. Be patient and allow the flame to fully establish. Once lit, observe the flame and ensure it remains steady and centered.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a successful burn and enjoy the soothing crackling sound that Surf Coast Candles wood wicks provide. Remember, taking a little extra care with wood wicks enhances the overall experience and adds to the unique ambiance of your candle.

Enjoy your candle,

Surf Coast Candles Care Team

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