Surf Coast Candles-Scented Wood Wick candles
Surf Coast Candles-Scented Wood Wick candles


Natural Soy Scented Candles

Surf Coast Wood Wick Candle Tips

1.Your wood wick candle comes with the wick trimmed to the proper height for first lighting. 

2. We do recommend using a utility lighter rather than matches as wick can take a few seconds to catch.

3. Wood wicks may take a little time to catch at times in colder weather as soy wax is harder, tilt candle slightly and continue with repeated lighting till wick catches. Allow candle to burn until the wax has liquefied to the edge of the container before putting out

4. Once the wax "pool" is between 6 mm and 12 mm  you should extinguish the candle. Doing this will increase the total number of hours of burn time that you receive from your candle. 

5. After the candle has completely solidified use your finger to lightly brush off the black top of the wood wick. Just a light flick will do.